Nightclubs Deep in the Rock

Summer is coming. Should you just happen to find yourself in Menorca or the Dominican Republic and you are homesick for the underground world, we have, ah - unearthed - for you revellers, some spots to make you feel right at home.

Nightclubs Deep in the Rock

“The Cave” in Guacara Taina, Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

It’s 60 feet underground, not 20,000 leagues, but it’s the deepest nightclub in the world. It’s in a suburb south of Santo Domingo and can welcome up to 3,000 partiers on three dance floors. The only downside, and it does bother me, is that they found it necessary to dislodge the bats.

“Cova d’en Xoroi” (Menorca, Spain)

For something more restful, there’s the most inaccessible nightclub in the world, built into a sea cliff. It’s a restaurant by day and a den of DJ’s by night. There is a festival of ambient music  (electronic music from Brian Eno, for example) in August. The site was a pirate’s lair. According to legend, the pirate, named Xoroi, came from the sea with a young woman he had carried off. Brought to bay in this hideout, he was thrown from the cliff.

Mister Trog

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