My French Troglo !

Or how my nephew P’tit Ch’nard met with the kangaroos.
Did you know that ? You can hear about the Troglonautes as far as in Australia ! Our network gets wider : Europe, Japan and China, the USA and Brazil, and now Australia.
Our friend and worldwide traveller Francisca Matteoli mentioned our website in an interview for, an Australian network ( interview on August 1st, page 2). Please check out her blog on

So what ? Is there any dwelling cave ?

photo : William Kreijkes
photo : William Kreijkes
This good news was the opportunity for me to  search for Australian rock houses. Of course, they exist, as elsewhere in the world. The most famous site is in the south desert, at Coober Pedy, an opal mining village. You can find house dug in sandstone, churches and hotels. I found a beautiful Serbian orthodox church and the best hotel seems to be the "Desert cave hotel Coober Pedy". I have to say  though, that it does not look as confortable as our 4 stars hotels and intimate guest houses in Saumur, along the Loire river.

What about the subterranean life ?

My French Troglo !
There is a wallaby of the rocks, which spends the day protected under the rocks and a frog called the cave dwelling frog, or  litoria cavernicola ! From dull green to greenish-brown colour, her size is 55mm. She lives in the Northern part of the desert. So cute !
To celebrate the landing of the Intraterrestres in the Australian desert, I asked P’tit Ch’nard to go and meet his friends out there. That’s in the pocket !
Lady Trog

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