“Loire Anjou Vintage”, A Retro Bike Ride Through the Saumur Region

A retro bike rally in the heart of Anjou (49), in the heart of the rock, what a way to give tourism in our region a rolling start! Loire Anjou Vintage was organized by the General Council of Maine-et-Loire and will be coming through on June 19.

“Loire Anjou Vintage”, A Retro Bike Ride Through the Saumur Region

Guiding Principles

Three circuits (30, 79, and 100 kilometers – 18, 49, and 62 miles) will be organized for bike lovers, who  should come dressed in period costume and riding classic two-wheelers (which is to say from before 1987). Participating in an event which is very much of our times while outfitted (in both senses of the word) for another era, this rally, the only one of its kind in France, will allow participants to get a good look at Anjou, pedalling a circuit between the Loire River and the vineyards. This is the first time something like this has happened in France. The phenomenon already exists in England and in Italy and is a big hit. Why not here?

A Project of the General Council 

The president of the General Council, Christophe Béchu, was in Parnay today, May 19, to attend the groundbreaking ceremonies for the partially restored Château de Parnay, along with a number of elected officials and local dignitaries. He spoke about the General Council’s objective, which is to stimulate tourism with events of this kind. We have a superb, little-known heritage here, and it should be publiized via events like Loire Anjou Vintage, which will make our region known beyond its borders.

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