A Rose Grows in Villaines-les-Rochers

It’s a beautiful day, the Sunday before Easter, and Lady Trog and Mister Trog are strolling around Villaines-les-Rochers, where they come across an open troglo site (the only place open, besides the basketmaking cooperative). Rose Delaunay welcomes them warmly.

A Rose Grows in Villaines-les-Rochers

Rose Delaunay has two strings to her bow, a holiday rental in a cave in a wooded setting in the countryside, and a “troglo” boutique right in the center of Villaines-les-Rochers. It’s the only place in the village that’s open on this, the Lord’s Day.

A specialist in caning and stuffing, Rose established herself here in 2005, after completing various training courses. She worked as a member of the cooperative for several years before spreading her own wings and flying solo. Her creations are on display in her troglo workshop “Cannepaille, a setting that provides a work space and inspiration for her work, too. In the past, Rose worked for Chanel (letter trays…), for Hermès (horse grooming bags...).  Now she has branched out into jewelry and garden decorations.

Cannepaille also welcomes other craftspeople, who can display their work here. Various "open houses" are held during the year, opportunities for enrichment and sharing know-how.

If your travels take you to these far-away places, well, do drop in.

Traduction : Annette Bonnell

A Rose Grows in Villaines-les-Rochers

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