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Dear guests,
Welcome to the Troglos verts ! We hope that you will enjoy your stay. Here  is some information for smoothing your journey. Please take a minute to read it !
Renée : +33 (0)6 0794 44 80 / Patrick : +33 (0)6 03 71 23 82 /
You can arrive from 5 pm (due to Coronavirus special cleaning), or earlier of the site is available.
Please park in front of 3 rue Antoine Cristal, near the guesthouse (green metal gate next to Château de Parnay) and ring the bell. We will be there !
Departure time : 11.00 am unless there is nobody else checking in early afternoon. In that case, you can take your time.
You can park in front of the guest house or next to the lighting pole at the corner of the guest house for delivering or picking up your luggage. Then please park at our parking, just between our house at 3 rue Cristal and the Château de Parnay. Park back along the high wall. Be careful when driving out since there is few visibility !
The main key is for the wood portal. The small key is for the glass veranda. The cave Salon closes from inside of the house.
If we are not home upon your departure, please leave the key in our mail box at 3 rue Cristal.
When you go out everyday, please close the doors and windows in order to avoid the cats to  enter the house. By the way, please do not feed the cats.
Only the Cave salon and the bathroom can have the window or door left opened for humidity control. Please close just the inside door between these rooms and the rest of the house.
In Summer, you can leave open the glass at the upper part of the door of the ground floor  bedroom for letting the warm air coming in. Let the veranda open and close the kitchen and room doors.
Hopefully, you will find everything you need in the kitchen. The fridge and washing machines (dishes and laudry) are hidden behind wood doors.
Some basic ingredients are available (tea, coffee,sugar, salt and pepper, oil and vinegar, filters for coffee). You can leave some food or material for the next visitors ! CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO SANITARY RESTRICTIONS
For the washing machine, the programs are printed inside the liquid drawer.
The tap water is very good. Do not hesitate to drink it.
Don’t forget to turn off the gaz switch button of the oven every night even if the tank is storaged outside.
For garbage, please use the bin in the garden hut. Boxes are available for glass and plastics. You have also containers everywhere along the Loire road. Please take them away when you leave the house.
Please do not enter the caves which have fences. They are not restored yet. In case of trespassing and fall of stones, the owner cannot be prosecuted for any accidents.
WIFI  works mainly inside the bedroom downstairs. The code is mentioned near the TV.
There is no much signal in the house for the phone due to thick walls ; OK upstairs or outside.
To switch on TV, please press the red power button on the white remote control. Change the chanels (+ -) with the grey oval RC. If no signal try to find HDMI on the menu.
There are 6 electrical heaters in the house : 1 in the kitchen, 1 in the upper bedroom, 2 in the ground floor bedroom 1 in the bathroom and 1 in the Troglodyte salon.
Usual temperature in winter is 18-20c° in the house. In the cave salon, it is about 16°c in the cave salon : enjoy the fireplace ! During hot Summer time, you can enjoy the freshness of the cave!
In Winter, in case of overheating, if electricity switches off (which is not supposed to happen !), the electric board is located in the salon next to the outside door. Use the electric torch which is in a drawer of the kitchen.
You can make a fire in the old fireplace of the salon. Check that the inside lids of the fireplace are opened. You have some stock of wood logs outside under the staircase. Please ask us for refill (10€). Please do not use the fireplace in the bedroom. Close the lids when the heater is on and the fireplace out of use.
In Summer, enjoy the quiet garden from breakfast time with the morning sun!
When it is very hot, please help watering the plants.
A small BBQ is available.
For lighting up the garden at night, the switch is in the salon next to the outside door. You also have a lamp in the veranda. Please use candles as well. Do not forget to switch off the lights outside.
You can smoke in the garden and in the salon, but not in the rest of the house.
The shower has a large tank but if you are a whole bunch of people, please do not take your shower one after the other or use less hot water if you want everyone to enjoy it!
Please do not throw anything in the toilet except toilet paper.
We provide towels and soap for your convenience. Please do not take away the towels by mistake.
Please note that you have to go through the bedroom on the ground floor to reach the bathroom and toilets. Sorry for the inconvenience at night.
The beds are prepared with sheets as follows :
140cm double bed (queen size) in the upper standard room.
160cm double bed ( king size) in the ground floor cave room.
2 pilows per person.
Sheets are available for the small beds (single bed in the lower room ; folding single bed in the upper room).
Additional blankets ( NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO SANITARY RESTRICTIONS) and a baby folded bed are also available.
Pets are welcome if well educated ! We request 10€ per animal per stay for dedicated cleaning.
Thank you for leaving the place as clean as you found it. Please let us know if you are not satisfied with the house.
If you prefer to leave the house without cleaning ( because you have to enjoy your vacation !), take the cleaning option (50€). However,e ven if you take the cleaning option,  please take out your sheets, take away your garbage, do not leave any food  in the fridge ; switch off the heaters and close the windows ; clean your dishes and empty the washing machine.
For those who stay 2 weeks, we provide clean sheets after 1 week and we can suggest weekly cleaning option.
In Parnay village, you can buy very good wine ! Visit the Château de Parnay next to the parking !
For the main food shopping, we recommend Saumur and Super U supermarket between the hospital and the château (opened on Sunday morning) : drive along the Loire river to Saumur. At the first crossing, take the steap Rue Chèvre up to the cliff towards the hospital. In front of the hospital, take the direction of the château.  Super U is at 200m on your left next to the pharmacy.
For simple shopping, you have a grocery store and a bakery in Montsoreau (3km) or in Varennes on the other side of the river (cross at Montsoreau bridge). Good bakery in Parnay on your way to Montsoreau, 300m from the house.
Enjoy the fresh market in Saumur on Saturdays and Sundays mornings in Montsoreau.
Antic market also in Montsoreau everry 2nd Sunday of each month.
We recommend La Mangeoire in Parnay, along the main street to Montsoreau (400m from the house).
2 cave restaurants welcome you in Turquant (2km) : The Bistroglo in Summer at the Village des Métiers d’art for casual lunches and L’Hélianthe for romantic evenings all year long. You can also go and try fouées at Les Cathedrales de la Saulaie in Doué la Fontaine (20km).
In Summer, you have a nice terrasse in front of the castle in Saumur at Le terrier du Château, a ginguette in Dampierre, A la bonne franquette (2km from home) or La toue cabanée along the Loire in St Martin de la Place (10km).
For other restaurants, check the flyers available in the house.
The main spots to visit in the close area are the Abbaye de Fontevraud, the château de Brézé, the Bioparc and the Mystère des Faluns in Doué la Fontaine.
Don’t forget the Métiers d’art village in Turquant and the Troglothèque visitor center.
The guest house is along the « Loire a velo » riding course and the pedestrian course GR3. You have many walking promenades in the vineyards around the house, starting from the church of Parnay or along the Loire river ( take the path next to the Château de Brézé panel at the crossing of the Loire side road). Bicycle rental at Le Grand Bi : 51 quai Mayaud, 49400 Saumur : +33 (0)2 41 38 94 06 or La Petite Reine, Quai Philippe de Commines, 49730 Montsoreau : + 33 (0)7 85 83 64 93.
GPS : 47°13’55’’ N  / 0°0’8’’ E : Parnay is on the Greenwich meridian !
From Paris, via Saumur : 320 km from Paris, 3.30 – 4.00 hours.
 Bordeaux highway A10, then A11 towards Nantes then A85,  towards Tours, Saumur 15km before Angers. Saumur exit.
Downtown in Saumur, search for the Dome theatre crossing : follow the Loire on the South bank towards East, on D947. Parnay is 7 km from Saumur. Cross Dampierre and Souzay villages.
Before  Parnay entrance, when you see the bus stop and the sculpture on the left, turn right in rue Antoine Cristal between château du Marconnay and château de Parnay.
You can also take the Paris-Orleans-Tours-Angers highway.
Take Bourgueil exit, cross the Loire near Montsoreau, turn right along the Loire towards West o the South bank towards Parnay (3 km). Pass in front of the boulangerie. After the bus stop, turn on left on rue Cristal, towards château de Parnay.
In Parnay :
Stop your car at 3 rue Antoine Cristal just after château de Parnay. Our house has a green metal door and red windows.  You parking will be near our house. The guest house is nearby at 1 Haute rue.
The house is 7km from Saumur station.  2 to 2.30 hours from Paris by TGV from Montparnasse station, via  Tours, st Pierre des Corps or Angers. You can rent a car in Saumur, Tour or Angers.
There is a bus line Saumur-Fontevraud but there are few buses per day.
The Loire a velo  cycling path and trekking GR3 path are in front of Les Troglos verts.
We hope you will enjoy your stay. Do not hesitate to give us your suggestions for increasing the quality of the Troglos Verts. We will do our best !
Renée and Patrick, Troglos verts

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