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MISE A JOUR Mode d'emploi Grottes sud Maroc 2021, VERSION anglaise

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Renée and Patrick have been focused and passionated on searching and informing about the troglodytes and caves dwellings all over the world.
They own The Troglos Verts guest house, a troglodyte house near Saumur, in the  Loire Valley, France,  and manage the Troglonautes website dedicated to the underground living and activities. They have founded the association La Troglotheque to be visited in Turquant near Saumur.
Check the websites and blogs :  ;  ;                    ; .
They keep travelling in troglodytes landscapes and cave dwellings in China, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece… When they discovered the fishermen’s caves in Aglou, they decided to settle down in this ideal location and bought  three caves which are now open to the welcomed guests.
The TROGLO DUNE, BATO TROGLO and ATLANTIC TROGLO are located in an exceptional natural site, along the Atlantic coast, near Aglou beach resort, Tiznit province, 100 km south of Agadir. They are based inside the National Park of Souss Massa, famous for birds preservation. The caves are digged inside the cliff rocks over a large and wild beach. The landscape behind the caves is made of dunes and dry wild fields where shepards wander with sheeps and camels. The caves have basic but have confortable amenities. However, they are not recommended to the persons who are looking for standards hotel way of life. Access is not easy for people with mobility issues. Small children should be looked after. The guests should be aware of the non stop day and night sound of the waves. You love it or you hate it !
The caves are dedicated to the persons who are looking for a sanctuary in symbiosis with Nature and a total experience of living in the wilderness, far away from the modern societies. An unforgetable experience.
Which of the three caves should you choose ?
The Troglo Dune has an upgraded confort with solar electricity (12v only), and an authentic hammam…
Since there is a wall around the terrace, it is recommended to families with young children, security wise.
The Atlantic Troglo and the Bato Troglo do not have any electricity and offer a wonderful experience of candles lighting nights.
The Bato Troglo is very compact, like a bungalow, ideal for a romantic stay for two. His balcony over the beach provides the illusion of a boat trip.
The Atlantic Troglo has a large terrace and gets the sun early in the morning (ideal in Winter).
The Troglo Dune and Atlantic Troglo can welcome 6 persons, the Bato Troglo has a capacity for 4 maximum.
The Bato Troglo and Troglo Dune are next to each other. The Atlantic Troglo is 150m further on the same beach.
You can also rent the 3 caves for a total of 16 guests.
RENTAL FEES, 2021-22
1 room with a large bed for two and 1 single bed. 3 additional beds in the salon cave.  
50 € or 500 dirhams per night (6 persons max)
280 € ou 3000 dirhams for 1 week (20% discount on daily rate)
1 large bed for two + possibility to accomodate 2 additional persons in the salon.
40 € or 450 dirhams per night (4 persons max)
224 € ou 2500 dirhams for 1 week (20% discount on daily rate)
A small cave with 1 double bed for two + possibility to accomodate 2 à 4 persons in the main cave.
60 € or 660 dirhams per night (6 persons max)
336 € or 3700 dirhams for 1 week (20% discount on daily rate).
Duration of the stay : 2 nights minimum, 2 weeks maximum. Special discount for 3 caves rental.
On Airbnb :
Atlantic Troglo :
Bato Troglo :
Troglo Dune :
Owners : Renée Frank & Patrick Edgard-Rosa
Tel : +33 - (0)6 07 94 44 80 / +33 - (0)6 03 71 23 82
E Mail :
Blog :
In Morocco : Brahim Boukous
Tel : +212 (0) 6 62 49 21 90 (or message or whatsApp)
E Mail :
Homelidays/Abritel : Ref :
A group of 2 caves with a large terrace and a direct overview of the ocean. It includes :
  • A cave with a traditional salon and a kitchen corner with gaz cooking. 3 beddings (200 x 70cm). Catering for 6.
  • A bed room cave with 1 double bed, 1 single bed (200 x70cm) and a bathroom sink.
  • A washroom with hot water shower and Western style toilets, tadelak decor
  • A large terrasse with outdoor furniture.
A single cave with a terrasse over the beach. Rare local neighbours might pass on the open terrace.
A double bed in the back of the room
A traditional salon with 2 small beddings (80 x 60cm)
A kitchen corner with gaz cooking.Catering for 4.
Outside : a wash room with hot shower and Western style toilets.
2 caves with an inner court protected by a wall. It includes :
  • A large room with a traditional salon which can accommodate 4 persons  (180 x 70 cm ) and a kitchen with gaz cooking. Catering for 6.
  • A small cave with one double bed for two.
Outside :
 1 washroom with hot shower and toilets, tadelak decor
A traditional hammam with tadelak decor
Outdoor furniture on the terrace.
The 3 caves are on the same wild beach of Bomensour and have direct access to the beach.
Swimming is not recommended due to dangerous waves. Natural pools appear in the rocks at low tide or enjoy the secured beach in Aglou beach (3 km). Swimming is very safe in Laftès port, 1.5 km before the access to the caves, near the fish market.
Access by car (no need of 4 wheels drive) : 3,2km from the main road for Troglo Dune and Bato Troglo, 3,3km for Atlantic Troglo. Car parking on the dunes.
Energy and water supply, WIFI :
12v electricity at Troglo Dune (no 220v socket). USB port for mobile phone charge.
We recommend to have a 12v charger for USB port in your car.
Water tank : 3000 litres at Troglo Dune ; 2000 litres at Bato Troglo ; 1000l at Atlantic Troglo. Please do not spoil the precious water and recycle it for toilets.
Gaz for hot shower and cooking.
Candles and solar lamps (Little Sun company) ; head torches with batteries.
Telephone network on the dunes.
Linen : sheets and blankets for beds, towels for bath and kitchen.
Other amenities upon arrival:
For cooking : 5 litres drinkable bottle ; salt & peper ; olive oil and vinegar ; tea, coffee, sugar.
Cleaning material, toilet paper, body soap, candles. Please go shopping for a long stay.
Airport pickup by Brahim.
Car rental in Tiznit : Lahoucin / Tel : + 212 (0)664 34 63 01. Standard price is 200-250 dirhams per day.
Food market and shopping:
Visit of Tiznit souk and food market (15km)
Delivery of food baskets : fresh fish, fruit and veggies, local  homemade bread ; breakfast, piquenique for lunch ; traditional Marocco homemade meals (couscous, tajine, salads, grill ) ; cooking lessons.
Services and animation:
Additional cleaning of the cave; laundry ; local music concert at the cave ; camel and donkeys trails in the dunes or on the beach.
Discovery of the region :
Birds sanctuary in Massa, Berbere villages ; Medina in Tiznit ; El Gzira beach ; day trips ( Guelmin ; Taroudant)
Sports in professional clubs : surf, quad, horse riding, parapente.
Via Airbnb booking or
Booking fees  up to 50%  (non refundable)  directly to the owners account by Paypal ( ) or bank remittance  (no credit card).
Final payment with cash to be paid to Brahim or owner upon arrival (euros ou dirhams). We do not receive any benefits from all optional expenses which are due to help the economy of local families in Aglou village.
The guests are supposed to have their own insurance coverage for public liability (fire or other damage) and travel (accidents ; burglary in house and car).
The guests should not take any physical risk in this wild environment. Please be cautious and respect the following advice :
Do not climb on rocks and do not run on the edge of the cliff
No swimming in deep waters
Keep an eye on young children
Do not park outside the designated parking in the dunes
Lock your car and do not leave any precious item inside.
Lock the doors or the grid when you leave the caves for a while (no need when being on the beach). Be careful when closing the grid of the doors. It locks and needs the key to reopen. Keep the key in your pocket.
The owner cannot be considered as responsable in case of accident or burglary.
Please bring a copy of your passport to give to the local authorities in case of control of identity, which happens on a regular base.
Courtesy :
Water use : do not spoil the precious water and avoid long showers. Recycle water of sinks for toilets or watering plants outside of the terrace.
Do not throw any item in the toilet, even toilet paper (use the appropriate bin).
If the water tank gets empty, use the reserve tanks and call Brahim right away.
Do not smoke inside the caves but on the terrace (use ashtrays).
Please respect the local dress code and do not walk around with  undecent cloth, especially for women.
For Morocco couples, please follow the local law (wedding certificate).
In case of neighbours, please respect the silence and avoid loud music and noises.
Limit the number of guests to the existing commodities (6 at Troglo Dune and Atlantic Troglo , 4 at Bato Troglo).
Please bring your garbage to Laftès fish market (1,5 km) or to Aglou village on a regular base, especially in Summer time. You can however put the compost into the sand. Unfortunately, the beach and the dunes are often dirty with plastic bags and bottles. We try to clean the beach on a regular basis.
International Agadir airport : 100km : Transavia, Easy Jet, Royal Air Maroc, Tui.
1.5 hour to Aglou by express road to Tiznit, then local road. New direct road to Aglou under construction which avoids Tiznit city.
300 km from Marrakech (highway to Agadir). Same companies + Ryan Air.
CTM buses to Tiznit from many cities in Morocco ; buses and local taxis in Tiznit for Aglou.
Meeting point in Aglou with Brahim : at the camping grocery store at the entrance of Aglou ( dolphin sculpture).
Please call him or send a message when you arrive in Tiznit : +212 (0)6 62 49 21 90.
Brahim will drive you to the caves (3,2 km on the sandy trail).
Important : Please avoid to arrive at night in order to check the way to the caves (sunset at 6 pm in Winter, 9 pm in Summer). Count 3,2km from the main road to Troglo Dune and Bato Troglo, 3,3km to Atlantic Troglo. Turn left at the blue mark on the rocks. Park on the designated area.
Brahim will help you to take your luggage down to the caves.  Don’t leave any precious or visible items in the car. Take a torch lamp in the car in case you come back at night (head lamps available in the caves).
Transport fees :
Pick up Agadir airport 50€ or 500 dirhams / Marrakech 120€ or 1300 dirhams.
Pick up Tiznit : 10€ or 100 dirham  (15€ or 160 dirhams after midnight).
Car rental : Houcin : 200 -250 dirhams  per day all year long  (350 dirhams pick up Marrakech airport). Cash payment with dirhams.  Laoucine. tel +212 (0)6 64 34 63 01.
Food baskets and meals by Brahim and his family.
Breakfast with local fresh products : 5€ or 50 dirhams per person
Pique-nique lunch basket : 10 € or 100 dirhams per person
Fresh fish from the fishermen’s market : depends on seasons and catch 
Fruit and veggies basket from Tiznit market : small basket 3 kg : 7€ or 70 dirhams / large basket 6 kg : 10€ or 100 dirhams.
Homemade bread by Samia : 1,5 € or 15 dirhams
Meals prepared at the cave (couscous, tajines, grills) : 15€ or 150 dirhams
Visit of the souk or food market in Tiznit : 15€ or 150 D for half a day / 25€ or 250 D for a full day.
Other services:
Additional cleaning of the cave : 20 € or 200 dirhams / Laundry : upon request to Brahim.
Hammam :
At Troglo Dune : first hammam heating and demonstration free of charge for a 3 nights minimum stay.
Hamman for a 2 nights stay or additional hammams : 10€ or 100 dirhams. Rather do it yourself but check the demo carefully ! Do not forget to put water in the basin before lighting up the fire !! Please note that wood supply is very difficult in this desert area. Use the hammam with moderation.
Animations :
 Berbere concert at the cave ; traditional cuisine lessons upon request
Riding course to Aglou on camel or donkey (3km) : upon request
Souss Massa birds sanctuary and Tifnit fishermen’s village : 25€ or 250 dirhams per person.
Berbere villages / El Gzira beach and Mirleft ; other daily trips (Taroudant, Guelmin…) : upon request
Surf : club at Aglou beach : Association Tiznit Surf
Parapente in Aglou above the caves. Contact : Philippe, at
Fishing : ask  Brahim or Mohammed (+212 6 72 67 71 22).
Quad : / (+212 6 67 024 525), .
Horse riding : half day or daily trails ; lessons : Ranch des 2 gazelles, 10 km on Mirleft road in Sidi Boufdail : . Ask for Leila.
All services except sports clubs are to be paid direclty to Brahim with euros or dirhams in cash. Please note that the fees include travel services by Brahim from the village to the cave or to Tiznit. All benefits are for the village families.
Patrick and Renée wish you a very nice stay and wild unforgetable experience at TROGLOS  SUD MAROC caves.

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